Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swim Meet Tonight and Pizza Slices for Sale

Come support our neighborhood swim team in their final swim event of the summer - the Intrasquad Meet!

Cheer for Blue! Cheer for White! Cheer for Both!

The meet will start at 5:30 p.m. and will be followed immediately by the awards ceremony (with dessert!).

Meet Concessions will include pizza slices and baked goods.

See you there Killer Whales!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photo Ordering - Available Online

Online Photo ordering is available! Start here.

To view a sample of the collage visit here.

Ordering will be available at Thursday's meet and a printed sample of the collage will be on display.

Time Trial Results Posted!

Visit the Meets tab for Saturday's Time Trial results:

See you Thursday!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet Postponed to Thursday at 5:30

Due to tonight's unpredictable thunder storms, tonight's meet is cancelled and will take place this Thursday at 5:30 pm.

Pre-ordered Pizzas must be picked up at 6400 Kit Creek Rd by 7:00pm tonight.

Please email as soon as possible to let us know if your swimmer can make it to Thursday's meet.

Keeping our eye on the weather, as of now the meet is still on is showing a break in the storm around 5 and lasting until 7. At this time, the meet is still on as planned.  We will have updates here as the weather continues to develop. Please keep your eyes to the blog and your inbox for a potential cancellation.

Pizza is still on as planned ;)

Intrasquad Meet, Pizza & Picture Ordering

The Intrasquad Meet is TONIGHT!!!  The kids have been divided into the Blue Team and the White Team.  In addition to swimming their strokes, tonight there will be an exciting team relay!

Keep an eye to this blog for weather cancellations as we are slated to have some storms this afternoon.  We are crossing our fingers that they miss us! 

Slices of pizza will be available at the concession stand for $1 a slice.  There will be a limited number so get yours early!


Pizzas will be ready for pick up starting around 5:00 at the pool. Your pizza should be nice and warm when you get it as they will be kept in warmers.

In the case of meet cancellation due to inclement weather, pizzas can be picked up at:
6304 Kit Creek Road, Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone: 919-544-5514


This year we will have two options for ordering pictures: a printed collage and digital photo files.

An 8x10 printed collage featuring your child/children's photos, the team photo and the Killer Whales logo is $15.  We will have a sample collage at the Concession Stand tonight.  Here's a preview of what it will look like....

All other photos are being offered digitally so you can make as many prints as you like and take advantage of the many wonderful (and cheap!) printing options out there.  Digital photo files are $4 each.

A link to the online order form and gallery will be sent out tonight after the meet.

See you tonight!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dinner plans for Tuesday's Intrasquad meet?

Coach Hilary has been planning for this coming Tuesday's Intra-squad meet - dividing the kids into teams and masterminding a fun relay. But have you made your dinner plans?

If not, let us deliver your dinner to the pool! Stop by the shelter adjacent to the practice lanes at tonight's practice or the Concession stand on Saturday to place your order. You can also just stop Megan, Lori, Belinda or Robin when you see them. Pizzas will be delivered at $10 a pie (prepaid please!).

All proceeds will benefit the Kitts Creek Swim Club's equipment fund!

The Intrasquad Meet is planned for Tuesday June 28th @ 5:30.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday's Time Trial Results Are Posted!

See them on the Meet Results tab.

Swimmers, check out how your times are improving each week. You are all so amazing!!!

Thank you to the many people who have responded to the survey sent out on Saturday! If you missed it and want to get a chance to comment on the June 18th Time Trial send email to

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pre-order Pizza for the Intrasquad Meet

Want one less thing to worry about the night of the Intrasquad meet?

Let us deliver your dinner to the pool!

Stop by the shelter adjacent to the practice lanes at Tuesday and Thursday night's practices to place your order.

Pizzas will be delivered at $10 a pie (prepaid please!).

All proceeds will benefit the Kitts Creek Swim Club's equipment fund!

The Intrasquad Meet is planned for Tuesday June 28th @ 5:30.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Time Trial Results Posted!

Time Trial Results for Saturday have been posted, to see those visit the Meet Results tab.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and/or came out to support the team yesterday.  Things were a bit more hectic with the addition of backstroke and concessions but everyone really stepped up to keep things running smoothly.  Thanks to the concession sales we should be able to replace the faulty stop watches. Thank you! Thank you!

Each week an new stroke will be added so the trials will continue to get a bit longer and more complicated.  With 2 weeks of time trials under our belt, we would like to get some feedback on how things are going.  There was a lot of good feedback coming from the volunteers and we want to make sure we capture it all so we can get better each week.  You will get a survey in your email early this week to share your thoughts.  Please complete it as soon as you can so we can try to make adjustments for Saturday.

Also, if you are interested in morning practices please send email to

Information will be coming shortly about an opportunity to pre-order dinner for the Intrasquad Meet June 28th.  An end of season Awards Banquet is in the works for Thursday June 30th at 7pm, please Save the date!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tomorrow! Team Pictures, Donuts & Coffee!

Team Pictures will be taken before tomorrow morning's time trial.  Have your swimmer at the pool by 8:00 am to be included in the team photo.  Swimmers will wear their swimsuits for the photo and can wear their team t-shirt if they like.

Donuts, coffee, juice and water will be available for purchase at tomorrow morning's time trial. All items will be sold for $1.  All concession earnings will go toward pool equipment and funding a life guard for the Intrasquad Meet on June 28th. 

To learn more about what our team will need to have to become a fully competitive team, please visit the post What it Takes to Go Competitive.

See you tomorrow!  Remember swimmers will swim both Freestyle & Backstroke this Saturday.

What it Takes to Go Competitive aka Why Swim Teams Fundraise

Kitts Creek Swim Club was founded under a plan to become a competitive swim club by it's third season.  There are seven major elements to becoming a competitive swim club: swimmers, coaches, membership in a swim association, equipment, insurance and swim club organization. The swimmers put in sweat equity and giggles, but the rest of it does require financial funding.

Based upon these major elements, preparation for this years "clinic" season included the following items which were purchased in part by a funding grant from Preston and by swimmer registration fees:

1. Lane lines & reel
2. Kick boards
3. Insurance
4. Business registration fees
5. Miscellaneous items (nametags for meets, markers to mark swimmers, etc.)

The Club has been working with Ryan homes to secure funds to acquire items for our coming swim seasons.  In addition, some fun team fundraising elements are in the works, including time trial & meet concessions and a movie night.

The big outstanding list that will need to be filled for the team to become competitive include:
1. 4 Lane Ropes ($400 ea.)
2. 8 Starting Blocks (~$500 ea.)
3. 4 Backstroke Flag Poles ($400/pole)
4. TSA Membership Fees* (annual)
5. Coaches Fees** (~$1500-$3000) (annual)
6. Insurance (~$1000) (annual)
7. Non-profit status for the swim club (~$300) (one time)

If you have any ideas around fundraising, please send them to

*Private swim clubs within Wake County become competitive by joining the Triangle Swim Association (  TSA coordinates meets and sets ground rules around meet standards and participation.   These rules include equipment standards, coaching guidelines and meet rules.

**Your neighbor Coach Hilary volunteered her time this year to get the team off on the right foot.  Traditionally, teams pay a coach and assistant coach and next year we would look to hire out this position.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Team Pictures

We are in the process of planning team and individual pictures for our awesome swimmers. It is likely that we will be taking a team shot BEFORE the next two time trials, so that we can have best chance of getting all the swimmers in at least one of the photos. Individual shots will be taken at upcoming practices.

PLEASE keep checking back here for details on when to be ready for pictures; they will be coming soon!

Volunteer Sign Ups

Thank you so much to all our volunteers last Saturday! Things went very smoothly, especially since we are all learning this together. We truly appreciate your patience, cooperation and support.

We have now established a volunteer sign up system on If you have not received the invitation to sign up, please check your spam filters, junk mail, etc. If you don't find it, please email us as soon as possible. (

Please go ahead and sign up for slots through the end of the season. This gives you the opportunity to choose what position interests you. If you haven't signed up by Thursday night before the time trial, we will assign volunteers to any remaining openings. If you need to make any changes or want to swap positions, you can handle it all on the signupgenius website.

Thank you so much to all our Killer Whale families! You guys ROCK!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Saturday's Results Are In!

Check them out on the Meet Results tab.

Remember, you are your own biggest competition...
Can you beat your time this Saturday?

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Time Trial

Reminder: Kitts Creek Swim Club Time Trails Saturday June 4th

All participants and their families should arrive no later than 8:15am so we can begin at 8:30am

All families will receive an email with a volunteer position. If you do not receive an email you will be given an assignment upon arrival.

Look for Robin Morgenstern and Megan Katz at the Volunteer Check-In to receive your name tag and the directions of your assignment

We are encouraging NO free swim by swim team participants and their family members during the Time Trial (exception the baby pool) 

Go Killer Whales!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tee Shirt Order Update

In order to ensure that we receive the next tee shirt order before the end of the season, we need to hear from you as soon as possible. This FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd is the deadline for submitting your order for a super-awesome swim team shirt, with the logo designed by our very own neighbor, Tee Medlin.

Please email us at: to place your order.

If you have a swimmer who has not yet received his/her shirt, please be sure to get in touch with us as it is included in their registration fee.

If you signed up for swim team by the April 27th deadline, we should have your shirt in. There are a few that have not been picked up as of yet. Look for us at practice!

If you registered after the deadline we may well need a size request from you.

If there are any Mama or Daddy Killer Whales who need a shirt (or grandparents), let us know. This will likely be the last order for the season.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Off to an amazing start!

Wow, what a GREAT start to our first year with a swim team.  We are amazed by the turn out and support we have had from all the families involved in the swim team.  With time trials coming up, we will be calling for a few volunteers, so be ready!  We are so glad to see so many people having AND parents.

Here are a few pictures from tonight's practice, and a link to the full album will be sent out soon.  The album is set to be viewed only by those people with a direct link.


Kitts Creek Swim Club T-Shirts

Rumors of children big and small sleeping in their swim club t-shirts have been swirling around the pool deck.  Thanks to Tee Medlin for designing such an awe-inspiring logo!  Some parents were wondering if they could get one for themselves...

You are in luck!  A handful of shirts in a limited range of sizes (L, M, child XS) that will be for sale at practice.  We'd like to order more for anyone interested.  T-shirt sales will help raise funds for additional equipment for the club, like stopwatches and grease markers.

If you would like a t-shirt, either stop by the table tonight or respond to this email with your size.

Sizes: youth xs (4/5), s , m, l and adult s, m, l, & xl.
$10 adults & $8 youth. 
Swim Caps are also available for $5 each.

Thinking about pizza poolside tonight? We'll have those $10 Buy 1 Get One Domino's Pizza Cards at the table too.

All Pizza Card, T-shirt and cap funds will be put toward club costs including equipment purchases.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Got PIzza?

Hi everyone,

This deal was made available to us through the Tarheel Swimming Association, and we will have cards available at team practices starting Thursday (5/26/11) if anyone is interested. This might be a great deal with upcoming Memorial Day festivities!

For $10, you will receive a card with 10 Buy-One-Get-One-Free pizza coupons for use at any Domino's in Wake County.

(I am seeing pizza in my future on practice nights!!)

If you won't be at practice and are interested, please email us at

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kicking things off!

Here we go, everyone!! We are very excited to have our first practices today as we launch into our first season as the Kitts Creek Killer Whales!

We have a fabulous team of neighbors who have come together and volunteered countless (and I do mean COUNTLESS) hours to make this team happen for our community. We have worked really hard to ensure that things started on the right foot and to create an experience that is fun and safe for the kids in Kitts Creek.

We have also had financial support from Preston Development to get things going, and they have pledged their support over the next few years to help get our facilities all set for full competition in 2013.

If you see these ladies around, give 'em some love:

Hilary Villareal
Lori Potter
Belinda Briggs
Robin Morgenstern

We have also had help along the way from a few additional neighbors, and we certainly appreciate their support.

Thanks everyone! We are looking forward to a wonderful inaugural season! We appreciate your support and understanding as we tread these new waters.

Megan Katz

Monday, May 23, 2011

UPDATED: Practice Schedule

Thank you to everyone who turned out for Swim Evaluations. Many of you received email or verbal guidance as to the best practice session for your swimmer. We had some skilled 10 year old swimmers and accordingly have adjusted the sessions to move those swimmers to the 7:30 session. Please review the schedule and make note of any changes that may impact you. The Google Calendar has been updated as well.

Practice Schedule (Tuesdays and Thursdays):
Swimmers can practice with their age group in the morning or evening, or both. You may attend whichever practice fits your schedule best on a given day (e.g. you may attend morning one day and evening another). Updates are in bold text.

Tues/Thurs AM:
9:00-9:45am - 7,8 & 9
10:00-10:30am - 6 & unders

Tues/Thurs PM:
5:30-6:00pm - 6 & under novice
6:00-6:30pm - 6 & under more experienced
6:40-7:25pm - 7,8 & 9
7:30-8:10pm - 10 & up

Time Trials (Saturdays):
6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25
8:30-9:15am - 7 & up
9:15-9:45am - 6 & under

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tip on Boys' Swimsuits

This question has come up a few times, particularly for the boys in the six and under age group.  Kast-A-Way, on Hwy 70 in Pleasant Valley Promenade, has jammer style swim shorts in the smallest sizes I have been able to find in the area.  Check them out if you aren't having any luck! 

See you soon for our first practice!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Practice Schedule & Swim Evaluations

The Practice Schedule, Time Trials & Swim Evaluation Clinic have been posted to the Google Calendar.  The Swim Evaluation Clinic is for swimmers whose level of ability is unclear.  Having your swimmer evaluated by Coach Hilary will ensure placement with the proper practice group (especially those 6 and under).  You can also stop by at this time to ask any burning swim team questions!

Swim Evaluation Clinic:
Saturday, May 21, 2011 12-2
Kitts Creek Pool
Drop in at any time with your swimmer ready to get in the water.  The water may be chilly!

Practice Schedule (Tuesdays and Thursdays):
Swimmers can practice with their age group in the morning or evening, or both.  You may attend whichever practice fits your schedule best on a given day (e.g. you may attend morning one day and evening another).

Tues/Thurs AM:
9:00-9:45am - 7/8 & 9/10
10:00-10:30am - 6 & unders

Tues/Thurs PM:
5:30-6:00pm - 6 & under novice
6:00-6:30pm - 6 & under more experienced
6:40-7:25pm - 7/8 & 9/10
7:30-8:10pm - 11 & up

Time Trials (Saturdays):
6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25
8:30-9:15am - 7 & up
9:15-9:45am - 6 & under

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kitts Creek Pool & Swim Club Getting Prepped for Summer Season

Loungers, tables and chairs magically appeared on the pool deck this past week.  Preparations for the upcoming pool season have already begun. KCSC is eagerly anticipating the arrival of much needed gear including backstroke flags and lane lines.

Registration is now underway for the 2011 Kitts Creek Swim Club season. Please visit the Team Information tab to get started.

Registration Notes:
Registration & Fees must be submitted by Wednesday April 27th.
Fees: $50 per child for the first 2 children, plus $25 for additional sibling.
Included in the Fees are a team swim cap, t-shirt, ice cream social and meet costs.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Inaugural Season of the Kitts Creek Swim Club

With much research and planning behind us, we are please to announce that this summer will be the inaugural season of the Kitts Creek Swim Club.  Working with Preston Development, a volunteer board has formed and planned the club's initial season.  Planned purchases of pool equipment with funding coming from Preston Development will allow us to have begin this initial season.  The 5-week season will include stroke instruction, time trials and an intra-squad meet. Information on plans to become a competitive Triangle Swim Association team, coaching for this and future seasons, volunteer requirements for a successful season and more will be presented at this meeting.  More information on this meeting is included in the following post.

Upcoming Registration & Ice Cream Social

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