Sunday, May 15, 2011

Practice Schedule & Swim Evaluations

The Practice Schedule, Time Trials & Swim Evaluation Clinic have been posted to the Google Calendar.  The Swim Evaluation Clinic is for swimmers whose level of ability is unclear.  Having your swimmer evaluated by Coach Hilary will ensure placement with the proper practice group (especially those 6 and under).  You can also stop by at this time to ask any burning swim team questions!

Swim Evaluation Clinic:
Saturday, May 21, 2011 12-2
Kitts Creek Pool
Drop in at any time with your swimmer ready to get in the water.  The water may be chilly!

Practice Schedule (Tuesdays and Thursdays):
Swimmers can practice with their age group in the morning or evening, or both.  You may attend whichever practice fits your schedule best on a given day (e.g. you may attend morning one day and evening another).

Tues/Thurs AM:
9:00-9:45am - 7/8 & 9/10
10:00-10:30am - 6 & unders

Tues/Thurs PM:
5:30-6:00pm - 6 & under novice
6:00-6:30pm - 6 & under more experienced
6:40-7:25pm - 7/8 & 9/10
7:30-8:10pm - 11 & up

Time Trials (Saturdays):
6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25
8:30-9:15am - 7 & up
9:15-9:45am - 6 & under

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