Friday, July 5, 2013

Killer Whales 2014!!

Are you a big fan of the Killer Whales?  Do you want to help guide our team's growth or shape new directions?  Join us!  As you know from our prior announcement, two board members will be rotating off at the end of this season.  In order start a new season next year, we will need two new Killer Whales to join the ranks!  Primary responsibilities of the board include the following:

Monthly meetings from February through July
Coach interviews and hiring
Selecting team suits and planning registration
Arranging and communicating plans for the season (practices, volunteers, etc)
Preparing for Meets
End of Season Awards and Celebration - organized by a committee of volunteers

A cooperative effort on the part of board members and documented processes have helped to streamline planning and organizing tremendously.  We would welcome your fresh perspective and energy on the board.  Please consider joining us and help our team have a KILLER 2014.

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