Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kicking things off!

Here we go, everyone!! We are very excited to have our first practices today as we launch into our first season as the Kitts Creek Killer Whales!

We have a fabulous team of neighbors who have come together and volunteered countless (and I do mean COUNTLESS) hours to make this team happen for our community. We have worked really hard to ensure that things started on the right foot and to create an experience that is fun and safe for the kids in Kitts Creek.

We have also had financial support from Preston Development to get things going, and they have pledged their support over the next few years to help get our facilities all set for full competition in 2013.

If you see these ladies around, give 'em some love:

Hilary Villareal
Lori Potter
Belinda Briggs
Robin Morgenstern

We have also had help along the way from a few additional neighbors, and we certainly appreciate their support.

Thanks everyone! We are looking forward to a wonderful inaugural season! We appreciate your support and understanding as we tread these new waters.

Megan Katz

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