Friday, June 10, 2011

What it Takes to Go Competitive aka Why Swim Teams Fundraise

Kitts Creek Swim Club was founded under a plan to become a competitive swim club by it's third season.  There are seven major elements to becoming a competitive swim club: swimmers, coaches, membership in a swim association, equipment, insurance and swim club organization. The swimmers put in sweat equity and giggles, but the rest of it does require financial funding.

Based upon these major elements, preparation for this years "clinic" season included the following items which were purchased in part by a funding grant from Preston and by swimmer registration fees:

1. Lane lines & reel
2. Kick boards
3. Insurance
4. Business registration fees
5. Miscellaneous items (nametags for meets, markers to mark swimmers, etc.)

The Club has been working with Ryan homes to secure funds to acquire items for our coming swim seasons.  In addition, some fun team fundraising elements are in the works, including time trial & meet concessions and a movie night.

The big outstanding list that will need to be filled for the team to become competitive include:
1. 4 Lane Ropes ($400 ea.)
2. 8 Starting Blocks (~$500 ea.)
3. 4 Backstroke Flag Poles ($400/pole)
4. TSA Membership Fees* (annual)
5. Coaches Fees** (~$1500-$3000) (annual)
6. Insurance (~$1000) (annual)
7. Non-profit status for the swim club (~$300) (one time)

If you have any ideas around fundraising, please send them to

*Private swim clubs within Wake County become competitive by joining the Triangle Swim Association (  TSA coordinates meets and sets ground rules around meet standards and participation.   These rules include equipment standards, coaching guidelines and meet rules.

**Your neighbor Coach Hilary volunteered her time this year to get the team off on the right foot.  Traditionally, teams pay a coach and assistant coach and next year we would look to hire out this position.

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